Best Student Paper/Poster Award

ASSA awards the best paper or poster presented by its student members. The Best Student Paper/Poster Award aims to encourage students to use social simulation in their research and support the growth of the next generation of social simulation researchers. The program provides an excellent platform for students to showcase their work in an informal and interactive setting.

Each paper/poster will be evaluated based on the scientific value, rigor of the methodology, and the student’s ability to communicate the content. The awards are decided through an independent, anonymous review process that involves members of the ASSA mangement team and the conference organisers. The awards are 350 USD (3000 RMB) for Best Student Paper and 200 USD (1500 RMB) for Best Student poster.
Recipients of the awards will be presented with an award certificate at the closing ceremony of the annual conference, celebrating the achievements of the winner.

Student Travel Grant

ASSA provides a number of Student Travel Grants to support students to attend its annual conferences. The grants aims to ease the financial burden associated with the travelling to the conferences. Recipients of the grant will be presented with an grant certificate at the closing ceremony of the annual conferences. The grant recipients are eligible to participate in the best student paper/poster competition.

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